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          Working for Canadian Screenwriters

          The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) is a professional association of more than 2,300 English-language screenwriters. WGC members are the creative force behind Canada’s successful TV shows, movies, and webseries, and their work brings the diversity of Canadian life and culture to the world’s screens.

          The WGC supports Canadian screenwriters through negotiating and administering collective agreements with independent producers and broadcasters to ensure that screenwriters earn fair pay and benefits, and advocates for policies that foster Canadian programming and production. The WGC is also an essential professional hub for screenwriters, bringing them together as a community, and boosting their profile in the industry and beyond.

          Layout - News and Events

          How the Federal Party Platforms Stack Up


          WGC Screenwriting Awards Open for Entries


          The Difference Between Service Production and True CanCon


          WGC Membership and the Federal Election

          fan expo

          FanExpo Podcast Now Available


          Setting the record straight on the "Netflix tax debate"


          Third Diversity Script of the Month Application Round Opens


          WGC and CMPA Reach New Production Agreement


          Denis McGrath Bursary Award Open for Donations


          WGC Screenwriting Awards 2019 Winners Announced


          Whistler Film Festival


          Reelworld Film Festival




          Vancouver International Film Festival


          Ottawa International Animation Festival & TAC

          Writers Talking TV

          Fan Expo Panel: Tales from the Script Keepers

          August 23, 2019, Expert horror writers & WGC members Aaron Martin, Jackie May, JP Larocque and James Hurst share their “Tales from the Script-Keepers” at the 2019 fan event.

          Canadian Screenwriter Summer 2019

          Canadian Screenwriter Magazine

          Summer?2019 Issue
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